Project Description

Owner:  Douglasville-Douglas County Water Authority
Location:  Douglasville, GA
Surface Area: 5 acres
Year Completed: 2010
Value: $305,120
General Contractor:  Choate Construction

The Bear Creek Water Treatment Plant – Demolition of 3 structures in pond to three feet below grade. Clearing, grading, pipe installation, dewatering, assisting in liner deployment.

This project is a major expansion of the Owner’s water treatment facility providing water for Douglasville and Douglas County. The expansion will add 7 million gallons per day of additional treatment capabilities expanding the plant from 16 MGD to 23 MGD. The work consists of new filters, new sedimentation basins, two (2) new chemical buildings, a 3,000,000 gallon prestressed clearwell, new flow splitter structure, a new 60 mil HDPE pond liner for their existing 12 acre holding pond, retrofitting their existing filters, and a major upgrade to their instrumentation and controls systems.