Shaping the Future One Site at a Time.

Clearing is the first step in the development process, often setting the tone with regulatory agencies for the scope of the project. Eagle Excavation evaluates each site and determines the most cost-effective. environmentally-responsible method to prepare the the site for work construction.


Eagle Excavation is capable of performing land clearing services for residential, commercial and municipal projects of any scope. We have the right equipment for large scale acreage and timber removal. We own licensed material disposal facilities to handle a variety of construction debris.

Eagle Excavation provides professional, expert land clearing services for commercial and residential construction projects of any size. We specialize in site grading and grubbing, digging up roots, stumps and other natural debris that can make the initial phases of construction difficult. Site grubbing and land clearing are two of the most essential processes in any commercial or residential construction project. Eagle Excavation relies on the most efficient and effective site clearing processes, using backhoes and other heavy machinery as necessary to complete site clearing with precision and dedication. Regardless of what clearing or grubbing method chosen, Eagle Excavation has the resources to make it happen.


Our CEPSI-certified personnel are qualified to install and maintain erosion prevention and sediment control items eliminating the need for a outside certification firms. These efficiencies give Eagle Excavation a competitive advantage in the bidding market and often provides a shorter project schedule for our clients.

Regardless of how much natural debris you may have to clear, Eagle Excavation is Georgia’s leading site clearing company. To learn more about our land clearing services in the Southeast, contact your local Eagle Excavation office today.

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