At Eagle Excavation, we use drone technology to provide a competitive edge, use our equipment and resources more efficiently, communicate better through accurate maps and data, and measure our progress against their schedule with highly quantitative means. We also realize the aggregate benefit of a better safety record and fewer projects that are completely late and off budget.

The Drone Revolution - Taking Our Business to A Higher Level

Construction projects are complicated, time-consuming and resource-intensives. Technology integrated construction has advanced by leaps and bounds with the intervention of drones into the construction industry. Eagle Excavation is embracing the drone revolution to elevate efficiency and flexibility at all stages of the construction process. With our eyes and ears virtually in the sky, we are able to identify contradictions in the ongoing process to save both time and money. Eagle Excavation uses drones for:

  • Land survey and site inspection during pre-construction stage
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Point cloud scanning
  • Marketing and promotional photography during and after construction
  • Monitoring and tracking onsite activities thereby ensuring accurate workflow
  • Ensuring routine asset inspections and safety measures at all times

Saving time from traveling between job sites, our project managers keep our works more productive by using drones to monitor progress, work and safety standards to save energy, time and money.Using drones allows us to have real-time, detailed control over the project. We can keep track of the progress visually and achieve closure quicker and below estimates.

We use drones to quickly survey your job site and build maps. Instead of using human resources, heavy machinery and expensive surveying tools, we get the job done in half the time and money, with greater accuracy. Digital surface models give our clients an orbital view of the entire site. Using these models, our team has access to earthwork on the site (and important variations in dirt patterns) much more quickly than they ever could have using manpower on the ground. budget.

Pre-Construction Stage

During pre-construction, while the project is in its infancy and the design carefully nurtured by the architects, Eagle Excavation uses drones for land and site surveying to provide accurate, speedy overviews of large sites and high-risk areas and ensure that the documentation of land condition is precise. Using drone technology to extract data also expedites scheduling and planning of construction activities [for the location] across an entire region with the identical consistency in accuracy and density.

Construction Stage

Real-time awareness has long been a challenge on construction sites. Time and money are lost to correcting flawed work. During the construction stage, we use drones to acquire high-definition aerial shots and videos to get insight into the project’s progress without being on-site. The real time data acquired helps create point clouds or Building Information Models (BIMs). By piping the data directly to the cloud in real time, drones allow our engineers to collaborate remotely on planning and execution. Analytics tools help them monitor supply stockpiles, better deploy materials and manpower and regularly track site progress. Our automated drone technology speeds up construction empowering our team with real-time information, leading to projects that are finished faster at a lower cost.

Faster than human surveyors, our drone technology allows us to more efficiently deploy resources around a job site, minimize potential issues, trim cost, limit delays and track a site’s progress with a degree of accuracy previously unknown in the industry. With integrated computing tools, we are able to turn sensor data into 3D structural models, topographical maps and volumetric measurements (useful for monitoring stockpiles of costly resources like sand and gravel).

So through monitoring and aerial mapping, we use drones as an indispensable tool to stay one step ahead. The value of drones in construction is tied to their ability to venture where humans and heavy machinery cannot, relaying progress shots and aerial surveys to construction teams on the ground. By negating the need for expensive and heavy-duty safety equipment, drones are saving time and money, while delivering precise information more reliably than otherwise possible.

Monitoring Job Sites and Keeping the Project On-track, On-Budget

With daily or weekly drone flights site project teams have an on-demand visual history of the latest excavation and construction progress, plus the tools needed to quickly calculate cut and fill volumes. We can perform quantity take-offs and compare surfaces quickly and more frequently – all completed in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the traditional cost. This technology allows us to manage assets and quickly collect site information, process it, and deliver results to our customers.

Our drone technology makes site progress tracking more efficient. Resources are better managed. Downtime is reduced. Projects are more often kept on schedule and under budget. Our drone collects high-resolution aerial images and GPS data that is wirelessly transferred to our team in real time.

Eagle Excavation’s superintendents, project managers and survey managers use drones daily to produce accurate 2D and 3D surface data for use throughout the project. Pre-construction topographic surveys, project estimates, civil survey designs, project earthworks volume tracking, as-built surveys – all your data available online whenever, and wherever, you need it.

Post-Construction Stage

Drones provide us with a valuable resource to learn what worked and what did not work on a project. Using this data, we analyze ways to improve and execute future projects more efficiently and with better profitability.

From scoping out the big picture to drastically improving safety and efficiency, drones help Eagle Excavation to make sure each and every project is the best it can be.

Ongoing Safety and Maintenance Stage

Eagle Excavation uses live video coverage from drones to ensure a safe and secure work atmosphere. The live feeds can be accessed by site supervisors easily even from a remote location, thereby enabling routine asset inspections, fatigue and damage evaluations, and condition surveys at all times.

Safety managers can see what is happening in real time and which areas can use drastic improvement. Our drones can save lives by monitoring workplace conditions in areas that are hard or dangerous to reach. The result is a better safety record, increased productivity and minimized risk of mistakes that could be very costly in the long run.