Our crews use late model, custom utility trucks to carry everything needed on a daily basis including air compressors, tamps, generators and all hand tools and safety equipment.


When the depth, soil conditions or other confinements exist, clients continue to return to Eagle Excavation for our underground utility installation.

Eagle Excavation specializes in sewer and underground water systems from new, single family subdivisions to difficult reconstructive municipal projects. Eagle Excavation has the experience to construct your utility project. When knowing how much bedding, correct pipe materials and proper soil moisture and density backfill is important to you, it is absolutely critical to us. Technique is everything. When paving or structural considerations are depending on trench backfill – take concern for settlement out of the equation.

Eagle Excavation uses the latest technology, equipment, safety techniques and skilled labor to assure efficiency and quality installation of every underground utility project.

With some of the most experienced foreman around, we perform all underground utlity work in-house with our own crews. Every foreman and crew member is trained in trenching and confined space as required by OSHA. All foreman have tablets to report time sheets and daily reports electronically to the office which allows for more time on the job.

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