Eagle Excavation hires operators who get excited about technology. Take a look at how Eagle uses GPS technology to drive safety, productivity and fuel efficiency.

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Efficiency and productivity in the movement of material is at the forefront of project planning. We believe excavation and grading go hand-in-hand with the environmental protection of the project. With a full line of construction grading equipment, GPS and laser-guided capabilities, Eagle Excavation is able to handle any construction site development projects.

Driven by Talent… Powered by Diesel.

Our highly-trained operational, land clearing and grading staff can expertly clear a raw piece of wooded property, remove trees to prep the site for other processes (such as asphalt paving and storm drainage) and grade the land according to design plans.

There is no site too large for our abilities. Eagle Excavation utilizes GPS-controlled grading equipment that allows us to increase production and accuracy. This state-of-the-art site preparation equipment allows us to expedite surveying time and reduce rework possibilities thereby improving efficiency and increasing cost savings for our customers on all clearing and grading projects.

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